Gula Semut Semedo Manise


Who we are

Semedomanise is one of the best coconut sugar  supplier inIndonesia, with great collaboration from farmer and our marketing partner, we have many variations of processed products, including:


with many variations, like, gula semut rempoah, gula semut ekstrak Daun sirs, gula semut ektrak kunyit, with modern packaging


Made from naturally ignited old coconut with a centrifugal system without heating and without the addition of chemicals.


Natural & Healthy

Our coconut sugar is natural, in the process it does not add additional medicinal chemicals. Our coconut sugar is also pure natural, that is, the raw material is taken from the sap tapped from coconut trees grown on free land without a mixture of chemicals and has been proven with an organic certificate.

Our History

We dedicated to collaborate with more than 1000 farmers in the semedo village for the sinergy for better life, to be able to produce the best organic and natural product with modern and standarts for international quality.

Our Company’s commitment to contribute in social environments and economics area is a responsibility for better life.  many people have the hope of having a good life and we are here for them. We commit for building our farmers and sustainability environment.